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Allow me to introduce you to Ori, the driving force behind this unique experience. With his deep love for food and warm hospitality, Ori embodies the essence of Israeli gastronomy like no other. His warm smile and enthusiasm instantly make you feel at home as he shares fascinating insights, bringing the city's past to life. But Ori's talents go beyond guiding. He is a talented artist who will take you on a journey, transforming the freshest local ingredients into traditional Israeli dishes.



Our tour begins at the beginning of Sheinkin Street, and as you walk Ori will share facts about the area, introducing you to its rich history.  But the true essence of Sheinkin Street lies in its flavors. Along the way, Ori will take you to Sheinkin’s best local spots, where you will taste falafel, hummus, fresh juices, chocolates, and more!


And the best part? An unforgettable Israeli brunch! Right as we reach the end of Sheinkin Street, on the corner of Rothschild is our home, where you will dine in our garden and enjoy an exclusive meal prepared with only the freshest, local ingredients. From colorful spices to fresh produce, each bite tells a story of tradition and innovation.

Our experience blends together a genuine local perspective, captivating history, and, of course, the essence of Israeli food.


Whether you're a passionate food enthusiast or simply seeking a wholesome and memorable experience in Tel Aviv, this tour is tailored just for you.


Book your spot now and let us treat you to an experience that is as unique as it is delicious.

Image by Yoav Aziz


We take pride in offering an authentic and local experience that introduces you to the heart and soul of Israeli food. From the bustling streets where locals gather to the neighborhood eateries cherished by the community, every stop on our tours reflects the vibrant tapestry of the local food culture. Get ready to embark on a genuine culinary experience that will leave you with a deep appreciation for Tel Aviv's flavors and traditions.

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